Take control of your digital brand

Manage every aspect of your company’s online presence in one easy to use dashboard.

Merlin Panel is your website life support split into three neat subscription packages.

It is the only place to manage your complete online presence; all in one well thought out admin panel to control your website, eCommerce, social media and more.

Editor, DNS, Store-iconEditor, DNS, Store-iconEditor, DNS, Store-icon
Editor, DNS, Store
Manage all the text and images on your website, manage your eCommerce, payments and users alongside your domain and DNS.
Analytics, SEO, Social-iconAnalytics, SEO, Social-iconAnalytics, SEO, Social-icon
Analytics, SEO, Social
View your site, SEO and social analytics all in one place. Get reports on how to improve and post/schedule directly to your favourite social media.
Emails, Enquiries, Live Chat-iconEmails, Enquiries, Live Chat-iconEmails, Enquiries, Live Chat-icon
Emails, Enquiries, Live Chat
Reach your customers through enquiry custom forms, newsletters, instant live chat and custom emails all hosted on our platform.

One platform to rule them all

You no longer need numerous subscriptions and panels to manage your business online. Get a no-nonsense approach to controlling your business in the digital era.

Effortless editing
Effortless editing
Our clean interface makes editing your website a walk in the park, change your content from your phone or laptop with our responsive editor.
Smart Shopping
Our e-commerce tools gives you the ability create, edit and delete products and manage your store.
Smart Shopping-preview
Comprehensive analytics
Comprehensive analytics
Our e-commerce tools gives you the ability create, edit and delete products and manage your store.
A to B Tyres staff manage their website-preview
Service Advertisement Wedsite

A to B Tyres staff manage their website

Essential Package-iconEssential Package

A to B Tyres dominate their local competition by dramatically increasing the effectiveness of their digital footprint.

Azura staff manage their website-preview
Corperate Relations Site

Azura staff manage their website

Commercial Package-iconCommercial Package

With full audit history and always backed-up content. See why Azura team get’s organised with Merlin Panel.

Ballistic Artwork can focus easily on their passion-preview
Light eCommerce Site

Ballistic Artwork can focus easily on their passion

Professional Package-iconProfessional Package

These artists have a stress-free digital life so they can focus on what's important to them.

Retreat East intergrates seamlessly-preview
Luxury Holiday Booking Site

Retreat East intergrates seamlessly

Commercial Package-iconCommercial Package

Luxury stays with Retreat East are uninterupted from their customers as their pre-exsiting platforms seamlessly intergrate with their new Merlin site.

Sylvan Arms adds items unhindered-preview
Large eCommerce Platform

Sylvan Arms adds items unhindered

Commercial Package-iconCommercial Package

The Sylvan Arms staff has full control over their custom stock management eCommerce system.