About Merlin Panel

The Merlin Panel is run by the team at Element Softworks, we are a small group of highly motivated and talented web developers and designers primarily based in Ipswich, Suffolk, England. Since 2015 we’ve been working from the Ipswich Waterfront and serving clients of all sizes in the local area and globally.

Our Aims

To streamline the web design and management industry by offering affordable pay-monthly packages providing flexibility to the client depending on size and budget of their company.
To un-jumble the margin between each client by budget and company size to achieve a more targeted and specific approach to web design and magement.

What is Merlin Panel?

Put simply, the Merlin Panel is a platform built for small businesses to manage their websites as easily and effectively through a dashboard at an affordable monthly price. We offer three different levels of website management packages, essential, professional and commercial. All three packages include the ability to edit the website, receive basic website and social media analytics, custom emails, as well as complete DNS & domain control.

What’s the benefit?

Unlike most website builders, the Merlin Panel allows you to take control of your website by giving you access and management of your content, billing, staff access, analytics, emails, SEO, DNS, and many more features. Because your dashboard is loaded through our central system, you will receive regular system-wide updates to your website and panel each month for free. If you have a blog, it allows you and your team to update and manage your posts. If you have a store it allows to manage orders, shipping, billing and stocks as well as billing and payment tools. If you have a portfolio, you can update your showcase without having to ever contact a web developer again!

We’re not just management

Merlin Panel provides all of our clients with the power of website management with the ability to edit. However, if you are looking for a whole bespoke design service, our partner Element Softworks provides this. Services include logo design, brand development, graphic/print work, social media management, online marketing and many more services. Want to know more about Element Softworks? Just ask!